Planning: Struggle to Complete Plans? Just Draw Some Water

"A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, But a man of understanding draws it out." -Proverbs 20:5

The next time you’re in the wilderness, waking up really early before everyone else–going down to the stream to collect water, remember that this may be a small act of service, but it is an illustration of a much larger and more profound discipline of how to faithfully complete our plans.

Danger of Viewing the World from Behind a Desk & Smartphone

Man holding smartphone

Wilderness ministry is so vital for the church today. We are all so “busy” but often that busyness is from behind a desk, computer, or laptop—and from there we can only see a small sliver of the world. The dangerous reality is that from there, we only get a small peephole view into people’s souls.

4 Proven Steps to Sustaining a Wilderness Ministry

model by Jay Denton

Due to the breakdown of family and the disconnectedness of urban communities, the distractions of technology, and the signs of eroding trust in our youth culture, people in the coming years will respond more and more to small group approaches to ministry. The time is ripe for a great expansion of wilderness ministry that promotes […]

Celebrating 40 Years of Summit Adventure


This week I am highlighting one of our Recommended Outdoor Programs, Summit Adventure. They are located in Bass Lake, California, but also operate internationally. Summit’s focus is to provide custom adventure programs  and  experiential education as tools to strengthen relationships with God and others. They have been on the cutting edge of Wilderness Leadership and […]

Dilemma: Many Outdoor Facilitators – Too Few Outdoor Ministry Builders

We need more outdoor facilitators to step up and become outdoor ministry builders.

I love the concept of “facilitation” in outdoor ministry because it represents an important skill that helps people get the most out of an experience. Yet how many of these “facilitators” would actually impact more people if they transitioned from a season of “facilitation” and embarked into a season of “initiation?”

7 Tips for Successfully Launching a Church-Based Outdoor Ministry

Matt Scott sharing a Teachable Moment on a Mountain View Backcountry Trip

Recently a leader from a church called my friend Matt Scott to ask him for some advice in starting a new church-based outdoor ministry. Here are 7 profound insights and “how-tos” from Mountain View Backcountry on how to start a church-based outdoor ministry.